Research Overview

My research focuses on the relationships between society, natural resources, and development. Primarily through the use of quantitative modeling, I explore what I call the community natural resource use cycle. I have served as the primary investigator on a number of independent projects and have collaborated on many more.

Below is a conceptual model of the community natural resource use cycle, the focus of my research. The model is ultimately a heuristic for thinking about how natural resource development affects communities. It is important to note that this model represents the cycle of both extractive (e.g. oil, gas, timber), and non-extractive (e.g. tourism, outdoor recreation, real estate) natural resource use.

Natural Resource Use Cycle.jpg

The inner circle represents the natural resource use cycle at the community level. It is a cycle that occurs constantly within communities and the model represents how impacts feed-back into continued support, or opposition, and further natural resource use within communities. The outer-ring represents four interrelated dimensions which influence this cycle in complex and important ways.

I am interested in the impacts of natural resource use on society through every stage of the natural resource use cycle, from planning and support – to the impacts of natural resource use and development on communities. My specific interest areas include the politics of natural resources, rural poverty, rural natural resource dependence, and the public health impacts of natural resource use and development.