Selected Current Research Projects and Working Papers

Effects of Natural Resource Dependence on Rural America (Dissertation)
Description: By integrating multiple theoretical perspective and analyzing longitudinal data I theorize and assess the impact that extractive and non-extractive natural resource dependence has had on rural poverty, inequality, and income growth. Please see the dissertation page for more information and working papers.

Funder: National Science Foundation
P.I.: Brian Thiede
Co-P.I.: J. Tom Mueller, Ann R. Tickamyer
Years: 2018 - 2020

Working paper of first article on SocArXiv:

Distributive Injustice Associated with Wind Energy Development
Description: By joining data on wind turbine location with population demographic data, we explore the distribution of wind energy in America as it relates to national, state, and county level inequality.
P.I.: J. Tom Mueller
Years: 2018 - 2019
Working paper on SocArXiv:

A Demographic Analysis of Poor Health Outcomes among those who work in Agriculture and Natural Resources
Description: Using demographic decomposition techniques I am exploring how much of the higher rates of poor self-rated health found among those working in Agriculture and Natural Resources is due to a skewed demographic composition versus factors unique to the work environment.
P.I.: J. Tom Mueller
Years: 2018 - 2019
Working paper available upon request.

Understanding Rural Americans’ Attitudes Towards Natural Resource-Related Economic Development Strategies
Description: An effort to evaluate the full social exchange process occurring between communities and natural resource industries. With the goal of understanding what drives relative support, or preference, for one form of development over other alternatives.
P.I. Ann R. Tickamyer
Role: Collaborator
Years: 2017-2019
Publication Pre-print

The Impact of Government Spending on Parks and Recreation on Public Health in the United States
Description: A demographic analysis of the impact of county area local government spending on parks and recreation and how it impacts both population level mortality rates and individual self-rated health. 
P.I.: J. Tom Mueller
Years: 2017 – 2018

The Politics of State Parks and Conservation Funding
Description: By conducting a survey of New York and Pennsylvania residents we evaluate the level of partisan sorting occuring surrounding issues specific to state park natural resource management.
P.I.: Andrew J. Mowen
Role: Co-investigator
Years: 2018 -2019