I actively publish my work in a variety of refereed scholarly journals. Below is a list of my peer-reviewed publications. If you would like a copy of an article, please send me an email and I will be happy to send one your way.

For a complete description of my scholarly activity please see my CV.

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Graefe, A. R., Mueller, J. T., Taff, B. D., Wimpey, J. A comprehensive method for evaluating the impacts of race events on public lands. Society and Natural Resources.



Mueller, J. T., Park, S., Mowen, A. J. The relationship between parks and recreation spending and mortality: A fixed effects model. Preventive Medicine Reports

Mueller, J. T., Landon, A., & Graefe, A. R. Modeling the role of social identity in constraint negotiation for ultra-endurance gravel cycling. Journal of Leisure Research.

Rice, W. L., Mueller, J. T., Graefe, A. R., Taff, B. D. Research note: Detailing an approach for cost-effective visitor-use monitoring using crowdsourced activity data. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration

Mueller, J.T., Mowen, A.J., Graefe, A.R. We aren’t so different after all: Differences and similarities between political affiliation and issues of park use, management, and privatization. Leisure Sciences.

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Mueller, J.T., Park, S.Y., Mowen, A.J. The relationship between self-rated health and local government spending on parks and recreation in the United States from 1997 – 2012. Preventive Medicine Reports. 13, 105-112.

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Mueller, J. T. & Mullenbach, L. E. (2018). Looking for a White male effect in Generation Z: Race, gender, and political effects on affiliation on environmental concern and ambivalence. Society and Natural Resources. 31(8), 925-941.

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Ferguson, M. D., Mueller, J. T., Mowen, A. J., & Graefe, A. R. (2018). Coping with Global Climate Change: A study of great lakes water-based outdoor recreationists. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration. 36(2), 52-74.

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Mueller, J. T. & Graefe, A. R. (2018). Conflict, specialization, and place attachment among members of the American Alpine Club. Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism. 24, 26-34.

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Mueller, J. T., Graefe, A., Taff, B. D., & Wimpey, J. (2018). Small-scale race events in natural areas: Participants attitudes, beliefs, and global perception of Leave No Trace ethics. Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism. 23, 8-15.

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Layland, E. K., Stone, G. A., Mueller, J. T., & Hodge, C. J. (2018). Social justice in rapidly changing mobile leisure: A conceptual exploration of Pokémon Go. Leisure Sciences. 40(4), 288-306

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Mueller, J. T., Barrett, A., Wildermuth, G., Ferich, A., & Graefe, A. R. (2018) It’s all about subjective norms: Understanding undergraduate involvement in extracurricular organizations related to sustainability. International Journal of Higher Education and Sustainability.

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